Taylor Descendants

The Taylor family tree I have been working on has over 800 records. For simplicity’s sake, I am listing only our direct patriarchal descendants.

Ezra B. Taylor (5th-great-grandfather)

Ezra was born in 1750 in Connecticut, although few records are readily available online. He married sometime before 1771 when his son, Noah, was born in Wyoming County, Connecticut (now part of PA), and served in the Revolutionary War as part of the Connecticut Militia in Captain Benedict’s Company, Bradley’s Battalion, Wadsworth’s Brigade. I could find no record of his death.

Noah Taylor (4th-great-grandfather)

Ezra’s son Noah was born in 1771 in or around Tunkhannock, Pa (although it was part of Connecticut at the time). He married Sally, surname unknown, around 1800, and they had eight children. In 1846, when he was in his seventies, Noah moved to Grant County, Wisconsin, where he died in 1851.

Joseph Taylor (3rd-great-grandfather)

Joseph was the fourth child and second of three sons born to Noah & Sally in 1806. He married in about 1838 and had five children. He and his brothers John & Sylvester moved to Wisconsin in 1846 along with Noah. Joseph died in Wisconsin in 1870.

Benjamin Frank Taylor (2nd-great-grandfather)

Every family has at least one wanderer, and that was Benjamin. The oldest of Joseph’s five children, he married Lucinda Carnes in 1860 in Grant Co, Wisconsin, and there started his pilgrimage across the United States. They had ten children: three born in Wisconsin, four born in the Dakota Territory, two born in Pipestone, Minnesota, and one born in Louisiana, where Benjamin died in 1934.

Robert Edward Taylor (great-grandfather)

Robert was the sixth child of Benjamin & Lucinda, born in 1877 in what is now South Dakota. Sometime between 1884 and 1889, he moved to Jennings, Louisiana with his family. He married Nettie Jane Patterson in 1902 in Jennings, and died there in 1960. He and Nettie had five children.

Harold Seba Taylor (grandfather)

Harold, best known as Dutch, is the youngest of the children born to Robert & Nettie, born on 13 December 1912 in Jennings. He met Ruth McLemore there and they married on 08 March 1934. They had three children. He died of lung cancer in Jennings on 09 October 1972. Seba is a biblical name from Genesis 10:7 (thanks, Billy! :D)