Looking for Noah

It’s Easter this Sunday. And for at least one of my maternal ancestors, that would have been a very busy time of year.

According to my great-grandmother’s handwritten notes about her family, her grandfather, William Noah Marsh, was “a Baptist clergyman in England.”

That really isn’t a ton of information to go on, but I’ve been trying to track him down none-the-less.

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Top This

I’ve been told my Grandfather Weddle’s maternal relatives, the Marshes, weren’t very close. In fact, on the rare occasions that they all got together, they typically spent their time and energy playing “Top This!” [1]

You know how that game goes: one sibling brags about their new car, or big bonus, or the latest remarkable feat of [insert name of family member] and no sooner do they finish their story than the other siblings jump in with their own tales of incredible proportion.

And on and on it goes… ad nauseum.

All families do it to some degree. What is so sad about this sort of one-up-man-ship is that it detracts from real accomplishments. Perhaps this is how my great great uncle, Robert Jesse Downing Marsh,Read More »