Finally, a lead

It’s far from pay dirt… or gold… In fact, it’s more akin to uncorroborated testimony by a dodgy witness in a murder trial.

But it’s so much better than the nothing I’ve been coming up with.

What is this incredible, untested, fascinating, yet probably bogus piece of ancestry trivia, you ask?

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Delusions of Grandeur

When I was in the 10th Grade, I had to write a research paper for history. We were given a list of Civil War topics from which to choose.

  • My choice: General Irvin McDowell
  • Why?: Because his last name was the same as mine. And wouldn’t it be cool if I was related to someone famous?

Sadly, Irvin is not my long lost 3rd-Great-Uncle or even my 1st-Cousin-4x-Removed. He was just a very unskilled Union general1.

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