McDowell Descendants

The McDowell family tree I have been working on has over 900 members. For simplicity’s sake, I am listing only our (my) direct patriarchal descendants.

William McDowell (5th-great-grandfather)

William was born around 1720, most likely in Ulster, Ireland. He married Sarah (maiden name unknown) and fathered one son for sure, per US records. William was one of the earliest settlers of Spartanburg County, South Carolina, where he died in 1792.

George McDowell (4th-great-grandfather)

George is the only known child of William & Sarah, born in 1744 in Spartanburg, SC. He fought and was wounded in the Revolutionary War Battle of Brandywine, 11 Sept 1777. Soon after, he married Mary Lou Cudgel and fathered eleven children, all born in Spartanburg. In 1805, he left South Carolina for Caldwell County, KY, where he died 27 Dec 1819.

Daniel McDowell (3rd-great-grandfather)

The fifth child (and 3rd son) of George & Mary, born in 1789 in Spartanburg, Daniel served in the War of 1812 with the KY militia. When the Indiana Territory was opened to settlers, he wasted no time and settled in what is now Gibson Co, Indiana around 1813, where he met and married Comfort Marvel. They had five children; Daniel died on 22 Dec 1845 in Gibson.

Elisha McDowell(great-great-grandfather)

Born on Feb 19, 1829 in Gibson, the third child of Daniel & Comfort, Elisha is my 3rd Great-Grandfather. He married Delila Taylor in 1846 and fathered five children and in 1860, moved to Illinois where he served in the 40th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. After Delila’s death, he married Dorcas Upton in 1874 and fathered six more children. In 1880, they moved to Decatur County, Iowa where he lived until his death on Jan 13, 1904.

John McDowell (great-grandfather)

John is the first child of Elijah and Dorcas, born Sept 27, 1878 in White Co, Illinois. He married Lizzie Miller in Burrell, Iowa on Dec 29, 1904 and fathered seven children. He and Lizzie had a stormy marriage and they divorced in 1923. John died Nov 2, 1953 and is buried in Burrell.

Harold McDowell (grandfather)

Grandpa was the first born of John & Lizzie, born around 1906 in Burrell, Iowa. He married Martha Florence Jensen in Fremont, NE on Dec 27, 1927 and fathered three sons, the youngest of which is my awesome father. Harold died in 1979 in Brownsville, TX.