KNOWING vs knowing

In genealogy, there’s a lot of emphasis on the difference between KNOWing and knowing.

Take my 2nd-Great-Grandfather Patt O’Brien for example…

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A Marvel-ous House in the Big Woods

Remember Laura Ingalls Wilder’s first novel, Little House in the Big Woods? [1] I have a similar tale to tell. The pioneer tale of my father’s father’s father’s father’s mother’s father. [2] Or more succinctly… My 4th-Great-Grandfather, Elisha Marvel.

He was a Founding Father.

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Looking for Noah

It’s Easter this Sunday. And for at least one of my maternal ancestors, that would have been a very busy time of year.

According to my great-grandmother’s handwritten notes about her family, her grandfather, William Noah Marsh, was “a Baptist clergyman in England.”

That really isn’t a ton of information to go on, but I’ve been trying to track him down none-the-less.

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