Second cousins, once removed.

I’ve bored many a party-goer explaining exactly what this relationship means.

I’m not sure how I ended up so captivated with ancestry. Believe me, it hasn’t always been that way. But one day I woke up and somehow all those old pictures Mom had around the house became enchanted, daring me to find out more.

First, I inherited the records my grandmother had collected… and was intrigued by the newspaper clipping about a relative that had worked for Abraham Lincoln. Then I dived into records on Ancestry.com, screaming “I found him! I found him!” when I first located my grandfather in a record. Then I started this blog (originally on Blogger in 2012).

Now, not only am I hip-deep in genealogy records, but I’m writing a novel (historical fiction), hence the pseudonym. You can read about the novel experience (ha! a little pun) at https://taylormacdowell.com/blog/.

The real me? Well, as one of three children of the youngest son on the McDowell Descendants page, I’m about as far down the totem-pole as one can get. (Actually, the farthest down would be my brother, as the youngest child of the youngest child, our own children not withstanding.) And with three children of my own, I have many, many, many family trees to get working on.