Finally, a lead

It’s far from pay dirt… or gold… In fact, it’s more akin to uncorroborated testimony by a dodgy witness in a murder trial.

But it’s so much better than the nothing I’ve been coming up with.

What is this incredible, untested, fascinating, yet probably bogus piece of ancestry trivia, you ask?

Only that there might actually be some Hylton cousins!

Henry (Harry) John Reginald Hylton (b1882)–great-grandfather to Kevin, grandfather to Betty, father to Ivy Mae–might… maybe… possibly have brothers: Audley (b1885) and James (b1887).

Of course, Jamaican records are hard to come by and all my additional digging to find supporting evidence turned up naught.

It may require a trip to the island to further investigate. Who’s in?

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